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Solforge Summer Series
Written by JockeDSite: Mothership
Solforge Summer Series
Tags: Mothership, Solforge, News, tournaments

Elite Tournaments Return
Written by KaelariSite: Mothership
Elite Tournaments Return
Tags: Mothership, Solforge, News, tournaments

State of the Forge
Written by KaelariSite: Mothership
An update on the state of SolForge
Tags: Mothership, KUSC, Solforge, News

SolForge Server Update – 2-15-17
Written by SBESite: Solforge
We greatly appreciate the community’s continued support as well as the support from Chris and Brian from Grinding Gears Games to help with this transition.
Tags: SBE

1/2/17 Stream Highlights
Written by NoLucksGivenSite: Reddit/Youtube
My three favorite games from today's stream; a game where I "got lucky", comboing with Sigmund Fraud in draft, and an epic draft finals!
Tags: NoLucksGiven, draft

New Years Day Giveaway Stream Information
Written by NoLucksGivenSite: Reddit/Twitch
Details outlining NLG's upcoming New Year's Day Giveaway Stream
Tags: NoLucksGiven, giveaway

Know Your Forgeborn - Vandergus
Written by snoutySite: The Snouthide Stegadon
Something new I'm trying out, a series to let us get to know the players behind the screen names. Over time I'll be harassing others to participate, but if you're interested feel free to PM me here (note that real-self pictures and long answers are option
Tags: snouty

Fundecks - Redacted
Written by snoutySite: The Snouthide Stegadon
A fun little ride using Metadata Redactor
Tags: snouty, FUN

Patron of Tarsus in Mono Nekrium Draft
Written by NoLucksGivenSite: Youtube
If you get a chance to draft a Patron of Tarsus next time Mono Faction WW rolls around, I highly recommend you take it.
Tags: NoLucksGiven, Draft, WW

Laddering With Nekrium
Written by JockeDSite: Solforge
Here I am with another article that will provide you with a semi-budget deck for you to use on your ladder climb to Titanium.
Tags: SBE, JockeD, Constructed

Weekend Warrior Mono Faction Solforge Drafts 12/16/16 ALL FACTIONS
Written by NoLucksGivenSite: Reddit/Youtube
Start off with the 2-0 Uterra Deck from yesterday and continue with a Tempys, Nekrium, and Alloyin mono faction draft.
Tags: NoLucksGiven, Draft

The One About Lightning Leaf
Written by SBESite: Solforge
Recently, with the release of Raiders Unchained: Rise to Power, we released a card named Ritual of the Elements. This card, when it produced a Lightning Titan, in combination with Leafkin Progenitor, often represented a combination that could win games ea
Tags: SBE

Solid Byzerak Draft
Written by NoLucksGivenSite: Reddit/Youtube
A solid Solforge draft with a lot of Tempys and Nekrium Heroics.
Tags: NoLucksGiven, Draft

13 Abomination Solforge Draft
Written by NoLucksGiven Site: Youtube
A bomb of a Solforge draft with Phytobombs and Abominations.
Tags: Draft, NoLucksGiven

Fundecks - Snouty’s Sludges
Written by snoutySite: The Snouthide Stegadon
I generally don’t play top decks; brewing and losing is more my style when it comes to the ladder. I wanted to mess around with an old pal, Dysian Sludge.
Tags: snouty, FUN

Written by Deck: Wendell; Lore: MagaFortOssSite: The Ironmind Company
New 7.3 Metamind deck using GSF Commando
Tags: 7.3, Deck Build, Lore

Drawing all Level 1s in Rank 4
Written by NoLucksGivenSite: Reddit/Youtube
"don't tilt from one bad hand" and was thinking the game could say that point better than I.
Tags: Draft

A very close Solforge Draft battle
Written by A very close Solforge Draft battleSite: Reddit/Youtube
Played this game today while drafting on stream. There were a lot of really really tricky plays with some nice back and forth between myself and Sheoldred. Our decks were very evenly matched, enough so that was played the exact same cards on 2.1
Tags: Draft

Deck Tech: Specimen Poison
Written by KorSkyfisherSite: Reddit
I've been messing around with Poison again since the nerfs and found myself quite enamored of Specimen 001 in my list. Here is what I've been having success with:
Tags: Deck Tech

Laddering with Yetis: VOD
Written by JockeDSite: Youtube
Youtube VOD with the deck from http://solforgegame.com/news/laddering-with-yetis/
Tags: JockeD, Constructed, Ranked